Shop with Scrip and Earn Tuition Discounts!

Shop from hundreds of merchants! Our order form is just a sampling of what is available. Please call the Advancement office anytime you are making a large purchase (furniture, construction /remodeling, electronics) or taking a trip (Disney, many hotels,  some cruise lines).

Purchase scrip gift cards from us:
Fill out an order form on-line or download one here. Send the form along with your payment to the school office. Orders will be placed every Monday morning. Gift cards will be sent home with your student or may be picked up in the school office at your convenience. Each  merchant gives the school a percentage of the face value of the gift card. You will receive half of that percentage to put toward tuition or hot lunch orders. The other half is given to the school. There is a window of two or three days before you will receive your gift cards.

Order online:
If you would like to order your own cards online or if you have family who live far away, simply go to and sign up. Once you have a username and password you can order your cards through All Saints Catholic School online.  The cards will still be sent to the school and delivered the same as the paper order form.

Use Presto Pay:
If you would like to pay online through your checking account, you can set up a presto pay account and order scrip now “cards.” This will allow you to buy gift cards online and print out an e-card to take to the store to be used the same way a plastic card would be.  This eliminates the three day waiting period. Call the office to set this option up.