I would like to welcome you to All Saints Catholic School!  Whether you are visiting as a potential parent, a current family,  or as a community leader, I’m very excited to share my passion for All Saints Catholic School!

As a school community, we lay the foundation for student success in school and in life by creating strong partnerships between students, parents and school staff. We are providing our community with an enthusiastic, highly qualified staff that is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, standards based curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment; where each student’s individuality is valued and where all students, families, and staff are treated with respect.

In addition to our challenging curriculum, All Saints also offers courses in Sign Language, Mandarin, and Spanish, as well as a STEM Program to prepare our students for careers in the 21st Century workforce and better prepare our students in Science, Math and Technology. Students are encouraged to inquire, think, investigate, and innovate; as well as learn to work effectively in groups to solve real-life problems.

A major focus of our curriculum is our Service-learning component, where our students go out into the community throughout the year to serve others. Our program infuses service learning into our curriculum allowing students to participate in various service projects throughout the year, and reflect upon that service.

All Saints Catholic School is also dedicated to meeting our students’ individual needs. Education is not “one size fits all.” Every student learns in different ways. We embrace these differences in our students!

Our students come from three states: Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This speaks volumes to the value of a Catholic education at All Saints Catholic School. Current students are traveling as far away as Washington PA; St. Clairsville, OH; and Paden City, WV.

To learn more about what All Saints has to offer or to schedule a Shadow Day or register for the upcoming school year, please call us at 304-845-6937, or send me an email: sblackmore@allsaintswv.org.



God Bless,

Sheila M. Blackmore, B.S., M.S.