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All Saints Catholic School serves preschool through eighth grade students in a small, family atmosphere.

We cater to differences! Everyone learns differently and our teachers understand this. Your child will be able to learn in the way that suits him/her. Our differentiated instruction meets the needs of each student, whether they learn best through hands-on experiences, movement, visuals, or are auditory learners. Students with special learning needs receive the necessary accommodations to succeed.

  • A learning environment with a focus on differentiated teaching strategies to meet the various learning styles of our students
  • Religious education that fosters faith formation, sacramental preparation, and experiences in prayer and liturgy to help cultivate the spiritual life of our students
  • An emphasis on Service Learning as a focal point of our school mission
  • Foreign Languages for middle school includes Spanish and Mandarin
  • Hand bell music program with the option of individual guitar lessons

Preschool Brochure 2017              Elementary Brochure 2017

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All Saints Catholic School offers a 21st century learning environment to our students PreK-8th grade.

  • 1:1 Chromebook Initiative (For all students in grades 5-8)
  • We Have TWO  — iPad mobile classroom labs for grades K-4
  • Smart Boards (interactive white boards) in every classroom
  • Target Technology Teachers
  • Staff trainings on new and upcoming technology


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Catholic Tuition Rate Grades K-8                  

1st child          $3,003
2nd child        $1,848 ($4851 Total)
3rd child         $1,743 ($6594 Total)

Non-Catholic Tuition Rate Grades K-8

1st child         $3,832
2nd child       $1,945 ($5777 Total)
3rd child        $1,838 ($7615 Total)

Early Childhood Tuition Rate

ASCS PreK 3 (Full Day) $1,400
ASCS PreK 4 (Full Day) $1,800

Registration Fee: ASCS requires a non-refundable registration fee of $100 per student each year.
This fee is due by May 15, 2017 or at enrollment for new students. This fee will be deducted from
your tuition.

Preschool Technology Fee: $75. This fee will be added into tuition payments.

Grades K-4 Technology Fee: $100. This fee will be added into tuition payments.

Grades 5-8 Technology Fee: $150. This fee will be added into  tuition payments.

New (Middle School) Student Technology Fee: ASCS requires a one-time technology fee of a $300 for the
purchase of a Chromebook to use throughout their middle school years which each student will keep
upon graduating 8th grade. The fee also covers Chromebook insurance and technology maintenance.
This fee is due by August 15, 2017. If fee is not received by this date, it will be added to your FACTS
account with a payment date of August 15 for $300. You may pay this separately before August 15th.
Please note that the ACTUAL cost to educate a child at ASCS is $6,000 per student. This means that All Saints
Catholic School is giving EVERY child who attends our school a scholarship. It is vital for all parents to
participate in school fundraising so that we may continue to offer discounted tuition rates.

Payment Options: Parents may make one lump sum payment or make monthly payments through
FACTS tuition on-line. There is a fee to sign up for monthly payments of $38.00 per year. If tuition
is paid in full before the beginning of school there will be a 5% discount. All families must be
signed up on FACTS.
Scholarships and Aid: The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston offers tuition assistance for any
Catholic family (child must be baptized) who meets the standard of need. All applications must be
completed correctly and submitted by April 30, 2017. We highly recommend that every Catholic
family apply for tuition assistance.

ASCS PreK 3 Program
◦ Full day comprehensive PK program offered two days per week (T & Th) 8:30am – 2:30pm
ASCS PreK 4 Program
◦ Full day comprehensive PK program offered three days per week (M, W, & F) 8:30am – 2:30pm

ASCS early childhood education programs offer our youngest students a complete preschool curriculum
that includes the integration of technology such as a SMART board and classroom iPad, and a Christian
environment of learning, prayer, and play.

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Tuition assistance is available for all families. There are 2 opportunities for assistance:

  1.  Diocesan Assistance
  2.  Claire Vecchione Swanson Scholarship (New This Year)!

For both assistance programs, families need to complete the FACTS Tuition Aid application online. Here’s the link to apply online:

Click here for the Claire Vecchione Swanson Scholarship Application

 Due Dates April 30th and August 15th