Evan G Roberts Charitable Trust

ASCS has received a $12,000 grant to purchase playground equipment for our students. This will be the first playground located at our school. We are so pleased and happy that the Evan G Roberts Trust has partnered with SSJJ to bring this valuable blessing to our students.


Bayer/PPG CAP (Community Advisory Panel)

ASCS has received a $500 grant from Bayer/PPG CAP (Community Advisory Panel) to purchase two SMART pens to use in our classrooms. These pens will allow teachers to record their lectures for replay later, help students with note taking, and be used for extra help with students who may be having trouble. These pens will also allow teachers to create “pen casts” that students can view to review a particular topic or lesson.


Community Foundation Healthy Kids Grant

ASCS received a $1000 healthy kids grant to purchase fitness supplies for recess and gym classes.